The Grown-up Disco… Just For Grown-ups!

Crossfade Classics – Bringing you the soundtrack to your your life!

Hear it! – Relive it! – Dance to it! – Love it!

Tom Norridge. Your DJ dedicated to the over 30s. With great music bringing back memories of those tireless Sunday afternoons taping the Top 40, rushing down to your favourite record shop, schooldays, the youth club, leaving school, your first date, first car, the carefree days of uni, first job and those holidays with your mates! Do you find that most songs on Radio 1 these days are just a noise? And ‘proper’ music is now on Radio 2? Then you are in good company! Bring on back the good times!

During my time as a professional DJ, I have realised that not everyone wants to hear all that ‘thump-thump’ malarkey. So here is YOUR chance to let me play the music you know and love, and some that you’ve not heard in years. The music that started it all for you as a teenager!

With the music of the 50s, 60s, 70s and especially the 80s, (My specialist area and personal favourite decade as an 80s kid!) extending into the dance and Britpop of the 90s. This all played a major role as the foundation stone to much of today’s music. Classic songs that have stood the test of time and are here to stay…..

Coming from a music loving family, I grew up with all kinds of great music old and new, from The Clash, Tom Robinson, The Jam, The Beatles, Stones, The Beach Boys, Peter Gabriel, Joy Division, the New Romantic scene and many, many others into the 80s where it all began for me. My parents were and still are great music lovers.
The stereo was constantly on at home throughout my childhood. This fuelled both mine and my late sister Jan’s passion for music. All of this has played a very big part in my career as a professional DJ.


Whether you’re into Soul or Classic Rock, Disco or Rock & Roll, Ska or Dance Classics, I have it all for your enjoyment. Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, reunions or theme nights. It should be YOUR party, YOUR music! Music that YOU can actually dance to, even if you have two left feet like me!


Gone are those big deafening speakers the size of a rabbit hutch…. Instead your ears can enjoy exquisite sound quality with elegant style. Your music has just started sounding even better and at the right level!


A range of both modern and retro themed lighting is available. From intelligent moving heads and modern LED lighting through to fully refurbished light screens with the warm pulsating glow of old fashioned coloured light bulbs! For added grooviness, there is a liquid oil projector, a timeless mirrorball or the awesome glow of UV lighting. Or a combination of old and modern lighting to replicate your nights out clubbing in the 90s! Subtle, funky or energetic – You decide!


It is important that you find the right DJ for your event. I like to get to know a few things about you and your event and offer to meet with you. Why have a stranger turning up on the night?


I have been a DJ since I was the tender age of 18 in 1994. 18 years later in 2012 I went full time and I am also a member of the National Association of Disc Jockeys. Other specialist areas of my business include a bespoke Wedding DJ service and personalised parties.