Welcome Back To The Floor! We’ve Missed You!

None of us could have predicted the way in which Covid-19 would decimate our ways of life and worse. The sound of an incoming email during March and April 2020 became the ping of doom. Weddings, events and parties were being postponed or cancelled! Suddenly, there was no longer an entertainment industry. DJs, musicians, stagehands, technicians and many other allied trades found themselves out of work.
Many have since taken on stop-gap jobs in order to survive. Others have taken on entirely new careers and left the industry completely. As for myself, I had another skill as a lorry driver. I am eternally grateful for having kept active in the trucking industry. The empty motorways had a very eery feeling. It was like being in a film about the Apocalypse! On a Friday evening, I was setting off in a lorry on a night trunk run to Birmingham, instead of heading out to a booking. This became my way of life whilst the disco business remained in a mothballed state.

There are finally some signs of normality returning! A big thank you to the scientific community for developing the vaccines to help beat Covid. Heartfelt appreciation is also felt for the key workers and NHS staff for both vaccinating and looking after our loved ones who fell ill. I had my first jab at the end of March and look forward to my second dose soon. Whilst we are counting down the days to our release on 21st June, we must remember that this is still only guidance and it could all change at the drop of the hat.

There is absolutely no denying how much we’ve all missed hugging each other and dancing this past year. For me, discos and entertaining is more than just an occupation, it is a way of life! If all goes to plan, my first booking back will be a wedding on 3rd July. I would be lying if said I wasn’t a little bit nervous! One thing I do know is I simply cannot wait to get back to putting smiles on faces and feet on dancefloors.

Limited dates are still available for the latter half of this year. I am taking bookings for 2022 and beyond. Demand is expected to increase once restrictions are lifted and enquiries start flooding in from clients and wedding couples eager to catch up on some long overdue partying. So, get in touch now and I’ll be delighted to book you in and welcome you back to the floor once lockdown has lifted – to say I’ve missed you would be an understatement! Now, how do I load this van?