I like to offer you something a little more than a conventional wedding DJ package….

Many DJs, including myself, are shedding their dated images. Gone are the huge speaker systems which deafened audiences. Gone are the banks of flashing lights and strobes which dazzled and bemused your guests. Now you no longer need to fear the egotistical “all about me” DJs who are only interested in playing their music and consider the party to be a huge success when the dance floor is “rammed” (even though you can only get twenty people on the dance floor and there are 200 people at the party).

Welcome to the next generation of wedding DJ. One who has embraced new technology and invested in a compact sound system which still delivers great digital sound but does not need to be the size of a wardrobe. The lighting has also been reduced to create a more sophisticated, soft and atmospheric effect. “Mood lighting” can now illuminate the venue walls as well as the dance floor.

Dance floors too are changing. Conventional wooden floors are being replaced by stunning sparkly floors which are available in a variety of colours. Available in black, white and pink (or a combination of the three) as well as floors which can change colour at will thanks to modern LED DMX technology.

More and more brides are concerned about the “look” of the venue and I fully appreciate this. Hence I have invested in stylish, modern equipment which facilitates this new image.

I am constantly learning and developing new skills which enable me to offer new services which are a natural extension to my existing music knowledge and expertise.

Civil Ceremony

Why limit great music to evening reception? I can offer you a custom music package to enhance and compliment your civil ceremony at your venue. I will work with you to ensure that the selected music is played at the right volume and most importantly is edited to ensure maximum effect especially during the processional and recessional stages of the ceremony.

Grand Entrances

First impressions count. Your DJ has the ability to introduce the bridal party into the room. I can select rousing, dynamic sound beds which will add tension, suspense, emotion and energy into the room. If you want your Wedding Breakfast to “get the party started” then yes, I can do it!

Master of Ceremonies

If you would rather not have a professional Toastmaster host your wedding reception, why not ask your DJ to be the MC? I already have this skill set and the talent to make announcements. Usually this is in a far more relaxed style and one which reflects your personality. Many DJs are now researching the toasts and traditions associated with weddings and are keen to share and introduce to you little “spotlight moments”. They are designed to personalise your wedding and make it be remembered as being different and special. Microphones are also often provided for toasts and speeches should they be required.

Cake Cutting

Do you know why there is a wedding cake? More importantly why you need to cut it and share it with your guests? Will you pose for the photograph, stick a knife into the cake and have it taken away to be cut or will your DJ / host do it differently? Will he or she share the history and the full details of the ceremony and invite you to “spotlight” that moment by doing something your guests have never seen before?

First Dance – Father Daughter Dance – Family Dance

A wedding reception party is like no other party and is a one-off, never to be repeated event. How will your first dance be received by your guests? Will they be involved or will it go unnoticed? Has anyone ever mentioned the idea of the bride dancing with her father to a special tune? How about the idea of a custom song for the bridal party – a family dance? “Spotlight moments” don’t just happen. They need to be organised, produced and directed by an expert. In this case the expert is the new breed of specialist wedding DJ & party host. I have the skill and talent to present these dances in such a way as to involve every one of your guests. Photographers and videographers love the way such dances are produced. Your guests will enjoy them too. In fact they will be talking about your wedding reception for weeks, months and years to come – for all of the right reasons.

Enjoy your wedding, relax in the knowledge that the celebrations are in good hands. Get in touch with me today and set up a meeting. You will be pleasantly surprised how things have changed.