Welcome Back To The Floor! We’ve Missed You!

None of us could have predicted the way in which Covid-19 would decimate our ways of life and worse. The sound of an incoming email during March and April 2020 became the ping of doom. Weddings, events and parties were being postponed or cancelled! Suddenly, there was no longer an entertainment industry. DJs, musicians, stagehands, […]


The past few months have been a unique time for all of us. Like you, I am still learning how to adjust to this new reality. Naturally, both clients and venues alike are highly concerned about social distancing and restrictions on gatherings. The hospitality industry has been hugely impacted by the Coronavirus. Since the introduction […]

Tom Wins On BBC Radio 2’s Popmaster!

March 20th 2013 saw my fifteen minutes of fame on BBC Radio 2’s Popmaster music quiz with Ken Bruce. As it was my birthday, after years of contemplating, I thought I would phone in and try my luck! Before I knew it I was on air for the first round speaking to the great man […]