Lighting is more than just setting up a few lamps. It is an art. Carefully chosen lighting can transform a venue. It can add colour, character and vibrancy to an otherwise plain room. It can enhance the stunning features in more ornate and pictoresque venues. Lighting brings excitement and energy to the music on a dancefloor.

I have had a passionate interest in lighting from an early age and love getting creative with light in a venue. The ever popular LED uplighter has enabled walls and features to be highlighted in glowing columns and washes of glorious colour. Moving effects bring animation to the floor that encourages dancing. Names, initials and monograms can be projected onto a wall for a unique form of personalisation. Traditional blacklight UV lighting for glow parties. Or how about the timeless charm of a large classic mirrorball? For the ultimate WOW factor, there is a choice of illuminated dancefloors available (subject to availablity). This includes starlit floors that are add sparkle to a first dance and the super funky Saturday Night Fever style floor as featured on the homepage!

Wherever there’s music, let there be light!