Kids at your wedding?

You may not be surprised to know that whilst most good wedding DJs are ok with kids, they’re not great children’s entertainers! I must confess as a wedding DJ, includes me!

A good wedding DJ’s main focus is ensuring that you and your guests have an amazing and magical evening, with you both at centre stage as the stars of your own show. Unfortunately, this all too often has very little focus on the youngsters present. Have you ever seen bored kids at a wedding? Would you rather see them enjoy themselves more at yours?

One solution, which is quite popular, is to use a suitable spare room at the venue as a play room/crèche. This could have an entertainer present along with suitable child minders with plenty of things to keep the kids occupied, including a DVD and games. This option is perfect during a long spell of speeches! Sweet carts too, are loved by kids.

But what about your evening disco? There are some good wedding DJs out there who also double up as a great children’s entertainer, but they are few and far between. Most of us, as already mentioned, are here to provide your perfect evening. With so many important, vital factors such as coordinating your perfect entrance, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss and, of course, your maximum enjoyment!
All too often, very little attention is concentrated on your younger guests, with your DJ usually playing a few pop numbers such as One Direction etc. to keep them occupied for a short time, usually before your first dance. This works well to a certain degree, but what if there was a children’s entertainer working alongside your DJ?

I am not suggesting you turn your perfectly planned reception into a wild kid’s party! Just simply set aside an hour or so during the early evening for the kids. Something one entertainer I know likes to call ‘Controlled Chaos’. Hiring a good children’s entertainer can make a big difference for both the kids and parents alike. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your little guests also remember your wedding one of the best, or THE best party they’ve ever been to?

This is where having a kid’s entertainer working alongside your DJ can work really well. A good DJ will assist your entertainer by playing their music and providing a microphone through his or her own equipment, whilst providing some colourful lighting throughout. Since your entertainer would not need to provide equipment, they could be cheaper to hire without the need to invade your beautifully decorated room with more kit!

So combine the two and you will have an even more amazing evening! Ask friends and family for recommendations or ask your DJ. If you go with the former, please confirm this with your DJ beforehand. Most would be more than happy to work alongside a children’s entertainer. After all, why should the grown-ups have all the fun?