There are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) which I get asked frequently about the disco which I have tried to answer here. If you have any questions which are not answered here, please give me a call or drop me an email and I will be glad to answer them for you.

Do you carry electrical safety (PAT) certification and Public Liability Insurance?

Now a requirement at almost all venues, I am indeed covered by £10 million public liability insurance. To further validate this, I adhere to full electrical safety compliance with regular portable appliance testing (PAT). Your safety, along with your guests, the venue and their staff is an aspect I take very seriously. In the same way a lorry driver must ensure his vehicle is safe and roadworthy each day, a DJ should take the same responsibility when using electrical equipment in public. Furthermore I am extremely vigilant in keeping everything in safe and working condition through regular maintenance and visual checks at each event. No expense is spared in using the best quality cables, plugs, extension leads and connectors throughout for maximum reliability. All equipment is set up in a neat, tidy and safe manner. Supporting documentation, along with risk assessments and method statements, are available on request.

How many power sockets do you require?
For obvious reasons, a safe, reliable power supply is required at all times. For most events, a minimum of two separate 13 Amp mains power outlets are required, within five metres of the performance area. If a generator is supplying power, it must be of a commercial grade with a regulated, smoothed output. Those provided by marquee companies are normally suffecient. Extension cables should be kept as short as possible and any cable reels fully unwound. I will gladly discuss any technical queries if there is any doubt.

Can I see you performing prior to making a booking?
Occasionally, I do perform public events such as pubs, bars and hotels. You are more than welcome to drop by for a sneek preview. Details of such events are posted on the Crossfade Facebook page. Since I thoroughly resepect the privacy of all my clients, I would need to consult the client concerned before allowing any viewing at any private event.

May I obtain references from previous clients?
In addition to the genuine feedback published, references are available when required. Contact details are only given with a client’s consent in view of privacy.

Can I provide specific music to be played?
I will gladly play anything you provide on CD or USB memory stick. Supported formats are AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV and of course, CD! Lossless formats or bitrates exceeding 256KBPS with a sample rate of 44100khz are preferred.

Can I connect my iPod or laptop to your equipment?
Although I prefer to play your music in it’s original format on the correct equipment, a cable can be provided for connecting all popular music players, smartphones and laptops for background music. Smartphones should be set to Airplane Mode to avoid any interruptions caused by incoming calls, texts or emails. Smartphones are not suitable for use during the main DJ set and requests are limited to the main music library.

There will be an additional entertainer performing at our event. Can they perform through your equipment?
I will always endeavour to fully integrate with other entertainers. For example, I will gladly assist a children’s entertainer by playing their music whilst they keep the kids happy. I can provide a microphone and play any backing music if required. In most cases their own mics and equipment such as minidisc players can be connected to the PA system. Please advise me of any requirements as an additional mixing desk may be required for live entertainment. I strongly advise you discuss this with your entertainer beforehand. I like to liaise with all other entertainers prior to your event, ensuring our performances work seamlessly together on the night!

We already have equipment on site. Can we hire you just as a DJ?
I will gladly turn up with my music library, headphones and microphone to perform through any industry standard equipment already provided. All I ask is that the kit is safe and in good working order. I carry both CDs and a digital library, I am not fussy provided I can play and mix in a reliable fashion. Alternatively I can provide my own decks and mixer for direct connection to any professional sound system. For large events, I will always endeavour to co-operate with sound technicians and other event staff.

Do you use strobe lighting at your discos?
I specifically do not use strobes on any of my discos. Some of the faster programs on the intelligent lightshow used may flash in a fast repetitive manner. Please let me know if any persons likely to effected by this are present in the audience so more subtle programs can be used.

Our venue is in a residential area. Is there any way you can restrict sound levels?
All the sound systems on the disco are equipped with sound limiters as standard. These are initially set to protect the amplifiers and speakers from being overloaded but can be configured to any desired point in order to prevent the music from exceeding an acceptable level and disturbing local residents.

How far will you travel for a disco?
Any distance within a 50 mile radius of Oxford is included in the disco fee. I would be glad to quote for travelling to any venue of your choice with any additional distance and costs being charged accordingly.

When should I pay for my disco?
All fees must be paid in full 30 days before your event. This can be sent to me along with your signed booking form if preferred. I will then forward a receipt to you on return, leaving you safe in the knowledge of having one less thing to sort out on the day. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or cheque. Account details can be found on your booking contract.

Will you play requests?
I will gladly play any requests or dedications you or your guests would like to hear. You can even send me a list of your favourites in advance, even those you dislike so they can be avoided! This way, I can source the necessary songs beforehand. Although I have access to all the major online music stores, including specialist trade only suppliers, it may be necessary to provide obscure material that was not released in the UK. Please note that audio from sites such as YouTube is generally not suitable for playback on professional equipment.

What attire will you wear?
Dress up or dress down, I will always be appropriately dressed for the event. Smart, black tie or casual for the more laid back event, even something such as a beach party theme or fancy dress is fine so long as it doesn’t impair my ability to DJ!

Do you use a fog machine at your shows?
I do not use smoke machines but a more subtle alternative, called a hazer, as used by theatre and television studios. This is entirely optional. I always check with venue staff with regards to possibilities of fire alarms being triggered as some venues forbid their use for this reason. When a haze machine is used, it only creates a subtle haze in the room to enhance the light effects instead of fogging out the venue!

Do I get my booking confirmed in writing? Is a deposit required?
Once you have confirmed your booking with me, I will either email or post you a booking form for you to sign and return with a non refundable deposit in order to secure your booking. You will also find enclosed a postage paid return envelope along with a covering letter for your records.

Will you require food and drink?
As someone who loves his food, any offer of food and drink will be gratefully appreciated! Water and soft drinks are necessary at all events and a pot of tea never goes amiss either. However, warm food will be required for those events exceeding five hours such as a wedding.

Who will be turning up at my event and how many?
All events are covered by myself. Larger events and those venues with restricted access, a suitable assitant is appointed. There is no danger a DJ’s extended family or the dreaded ‘DJ entourage’ or ‘groupies’ at any private Crossfade event!

Will my event be covered in the event of illness or accident?
I will do my utmost best to ensure your event will not be left silent and in the dark! Not only do I have a large number friends and colleagues in the industry, I also belong to one of the UK’s largest trade associations, NADJ. Hence I am part of a very large network of professional DJs where a replacement can be called upon should unforseen circumstances occur.