Tom Norridge Owner Of Crossfade

Your Disco. Remastered.
Tom Norridge.
Professional Wedding & Party DJ.

Hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Tom, DJ and sole owner of Crossfade. I am a fun-loving individual who loves music and making great parties happen.
Approachable and friendly, I am a DJ who simply loves his job! I have entertained thousands of guests at weddings, parties, corporate events and college balls throughout Oxfordshire and beyond since 1994.

Passion, dedication and a love of music combined with twenty years of experience brings you a disco that exceeds the average. Well travelled and someone who enjoys driving, I will happily travel to entertain you and your guests.

I want to offer you so much more than just turning up and playing music. A warm, friendly and personal service awaits you! Exclusively yours with no other commitments on the same day as your event, I can assure you of my full, undivided personal attention.

My Personal Pledge To You….

My sole aim is to ensure your event is thoroughly enjoyed by you and your guests through fun, love and great music! I do not provide a standard ‘off the shelf disco’ If you are seeking someone who will deliver an amazing evening with the right music, equipment and experience. Where dedication, commitment, quality and elegance are more important than price…
Please get in touch and tell me all about YOUR event!