**Were you denied of the big ball or prom in 2020? Then you deserve another ball! Why not plan a late ball combined with a reunion when the good times return again? Let me help you make up for what we have all missed!**

For those big College Balls, Fresher’s Week, Club and Society events or that extra special bop! I can help! Put that phone with it’s streaming playlist away and give your laptop or tablet the night off and banish those worries about the Wi-Fi dropping out and taking the music with it! Hiring a professional DJ can really make a difference. Crossfade has it’s roots firmly set in the JCR and MCR bops that take place across Oxford’s Colleges every term-time weekend. I have had some great nights in the past and still enjoy a good ball now and then! Organising an Alumni event? No problem! Allow me to lay down the soundtrack to those uni days gone by!

Whether you just want me as a walk-in DJ to play through your own equipment or require a full sound and lighting rig delivering exceptional sound clarity and dynamic lighting, a great event is assured!