About Me - Tom Norridge

Tom Norridge

My name is Tom Norridge. Born in 1976 in Oxford at a time when the phone was still on a wire and music was on vinyl. I am a fun-loving, cheerful individual who loves to bring joy and happiness to this world.

My love of music was strongly influenced by my parents who have always been great music lovers. I grew up with a diverse range of music including The Beach Boys, The Clash, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, The Specials, Joy Division, OMD, The Jam, The Who, Tom Robinson and many, many others. The stereo or radio was constantly on at home and has led me into music from a very early age!

Having worked as a mobile DJ since 1994 when I was 18, I consider myself very lucky to be doing a job that I love – which is now my primary occupation. For many years, I also worked as an HGV driver during the day until 2012. So, I am no stranger to travelling when it comes to going the distance to entertain you and your guests. I still like to keep my hand in driving lorries and still work the odd day as a freelance relief driver. Keeping a hand in lorry driving turned out to be a lifeline when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020 after all the events I had booked for that year were suddenly cancelled! It really was such a wonderful feeling when we all returned to doing what we love the following year after 18 months off!

My love of music and a keen interest in sound, lighting, and everything electrical have helped me gain the skills, knowledge and ability to really please a crowd at any event big or small.

When I’m not performing, other interests include food, real ale (I do love a good pint) and being into everything electrical and lighting in a big way. Call me a geek if you like. Apart from that, there is nothing like a good bike ride once in a while and an even more occasional dip in the pool. I am one of those rare chaps who doesn’t follow football. If anyone should ask me who my team is, I’d probably say Oxford United. I grew up just up the road from the original Manor Ground in Headington. There was quite an atmosphere down the road whenever they were playing at home! They’re my home team and they did win the Milk Cup in 1986 but I couldn’t tell who any of the players are! Their current ground is next door to Oxford Science Park.

The biggest thing, of course, is music! I eat, drink, breathe and sleep it which includes lots of radio listening so I can keep an ear out for new releases and rediscover the odd classic which I can then share with the audience at the next gig.

Please feel free to call or email me for a chat anytime! Or add me on Facebook! I look forward to the opportunity of performing for you and your guests and making your event an experience to remember.