7 Good Reasons To Choose Me

1. Reliability

With the thousands of events I have performed at, my reliability is impeccable.  I have not missed a single booking! Your booking contract, deposit and payment are your guarantee that I will turn up on the day of your event. Contingency plans are in place to cover any unforeseen circumstances. This includes breakdown cover, backup equipment and a large network of colleagues where cover can be arranged at the 11th hour! This gives you the security of an entertainment agency with a far more personal service….

2. Personal Service

I am a great believer in the personal touch. Always ready to listen and answer any questions leading to your event, in person, over the phone or email. Why have a stranger turning up when you can have someone you already know when the day comes?

3. No Inane Chatter!

You will be glad to know that I don’t talk all over your music! Whilst I will gladly act as your Master of Ceremonies and host, I only say what is relevant at any given time. Talking between songs belongs on the radio, not on your dancefloor!

4. Exclusively Yours!

When you book me, your event takes full precedence on the day. There are no other commitments on your booking date at any time. All equipment is reserved for your exclusive enjoyment. Hence your event will never be at the mercy of whatever happens to be left on the shelf that afternoon!

5. I Love My Job!

I have a genuine passion for DJing! It is more than just an occupation. It is about you and your guests having fun – I take great pride in your event. Not only is this my job, it is a way of life!

6. Trade Associations

As active members of both the National Association of Disc Jockeys and the Hampshire DJ Alliance, I regularly attend branch meetings, conferences and training events. I am part of a large network of colleagues, many of which are now good friends who I even socialise with on a regular basis! Not only does this provide additional support should the unthinkable happen, it allows me to continually improve my skills!

7. Quality & Safety!

Professional grade equipment is used throughout to provide hi-fi quality sound at both nightclub and responsible levels. Regular maintenance ensures maximum reliablity, along with frequent safety inspections and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). Full supporting documentation and risk asssesments are available upon request. Crossfade’s equipment and technical standards equals or exceeds that of a leading events company.

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