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Listen To The Music – Shuffle Up Your Feet!
Music is at the very heart of what I do; I am passionate about it! Whatever you or your guests are into, I’ve got it covered. Requests are always welcome.
In addition to the all time favourites, the collection covers all the big hits and genres across the decades right up to the latest releases.
I work with the leading ’DJ only’ music suppliers to bring you the most sought after classics and new titles, a month or so ahead of being sold on general release.

Many companies will offer you everything under the sun as an ‘Events Company’. Whereas I only provide one thing – a mobile disco! It’s what I know I am good at and exactly what I do! I can’t sing, do magic tricks or dance routines but can put on a great disco which everyone will love! I’m sorry I don’t do karaoke, as I strongly believe in keeping the music as it’s meant to be heard, which is why quality equipment is so important…

For Your Ears Only!
Good music deserves to sound great! Why should all those musician’s hard work be spoilt? I take great pride in the sound quality at your event and understand that a good sound system needs to be heard rather than seen. A great deal of thought and care has gone into choosing the right equipment to bring you exquisite sound quality whilst at the same time being easy on the ears. Those who would rather not dance will enjoy listening as much as those dancing!

Shine Some Light On Your Night!
I am especially proud of the lighting. Starting with the star cloth fronted DJ booth, there is a wide range of modern, stylish light effects including moving heads, multiple beam lights and lasers. For a real retro feel there’s a good old fashioned mirror ball, the classic liquid oil projector, ‘kaleidoscope’ light panels (classic 70s and 80s effects!) Plus there’s UV lighting for those glow parties! To really bring your venue to life, there is LED up-lighting which will paint the walls and prominent features in glorious, vivid colour….

LED based light effects bring a new energy and bright, vibrant colours to the dancefloor which were not previously possible with traditional coloured lamps. Low power consumption and minimal heat generation make the LED PAR cans a safer alternative to traditional PAR cans and with the full spectrum of colours they are able to reproduce, they are one of the most effective forms of mood lighting available today.

Without turning your venue into a night club, I aim to provide an impressive lightshow for all sizes of venue, helping to create that party mood and atmosphere! Lightshows can also be tailored to personal preferences and themes; I can even programme the lights to match a specific colour scheme! You can also choose additional light effects from our lighting section as an upgrade to your show, I will be happy to advise on which would be most suited to your venue. If you have any queries, just ask!

Please Don’t Smoke Us Out!

I use the same haze technology used by television studios (to enhance lighting effects without affecting the filming, set, or performers). This produces a thin, subtle, odourless haze which is only apparent under the light effects. It should not be confused with traditional fog machines which produce thick clouds of dense fog which can be undesirable.

Crossfade, consists of only one disco. This means that I can focus entirely on your booking. With no other bookings or events to attend to on the same given day, your booking gets my full, undivided attention.
With there being only one disco, you also know that the person you have been speaking to or even met in person will be the one turning up at your function on the day. I like to get to know my clients. This way I can provide a service that is far more personal than the big multiple ‘DJ Farmers’ with a ‘turn up and play’ approach. Likewise, once you have got to know me, the last thing you would want is a complete stranger you aren’t familiar with, turning up to play instead.

Since the disco is tailored to suit your event and venue, prices vary. Generous discounts apply for midweek events from Sunday (excluding Bank Holidays) to Thursday. Late offers can also be found on the blog for any spare weekend dates available at short notice such as cancellations.