For those big College Balls, Fresher’s Week, Club and Society events or that extra special bop! I can help! Put that phone with it’s streaming playlist away and give your laptop or tablet the night off and banish those worries about the Wi-Fi dropping out and taking the music with it! Hiring a professional DJ can really make a difference. Crossfade has it’s roots firmly set in the JCR and MCR bops that take place across Oxford’s Colleges every term-time weekend. I have had some great nights in the past and still enjoy a good ball now and then!

Whether you just want me as a walk-in DJ to play through your own equipment or require a full sound and lighting rig delivering exceptional sound clarity and dynamic lighting, a great event is assured!

Based on my extensive experience with previous JCR and MCR events, I am also delighted to offer an exclusive consultancy service to Oxford’s Social Secretaries with regards to using, buying and renting DJ equipment. I will assess any existing kit on site as well as offering you impartial advice on selecting the right equipment, either new or used. Plus there is the technical aspects too, I will explain all the technical jargon! I will gladly offer you training in setting up, proper use and basic DJ skills. Having previously spent ten years in equipment hire, I have seen Colleges make poor choices in buying and renting the wrong equipment. During that time, there were several occasions where Crossfade was called in at the eleventh hour to rescue an event where unsuitable equipment had failed! Make sure you are not one of them! Allow me to help you GET IT RIGHT!