Tom Norridge T/A Crossfade Disco, 218 London Road, Headington, Oxford. OX3 9EE

(01865) 762901

About Tom & Crossfade

My name is Tom Norridge. Born in Oxford at a time when the phone was still on a wire and music was on vinyl, I am a fun-loving, cheerful individual who loves to bring joy and happiness to this world and I have been working as a mobile DJ since 1994.

My love of music was strongly influenced by my parents who were and still are great music lovers. I grew up with a diverse range of music including The Beach Boys, The Clash, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Joy Division, The Jam, The Who, Tom Robinson and many, many others. The stereo was constantly on at home and has led me into music from a very early age!

I now have twenty years of experience, I consider myself very lucky to be doing a job that I love – which is now my full time occupation.
My love of music and keen interest in sound, lighting, and everything electrical has helped me gain the skills, knowledge and ability to really please a crowd at any event big or small. Be it a wedding, corporate event, birthday, college ball/bop, themed evening, Christmas party, Anniversary, or any other excuse for a fantastic party!

My ever-growing music collection has been lovingly built up since 1993. To date this includes over 1000 original CDs along with an expanding high quality digital library offering a very extensive selection of music spanning the last six decades. Covering the vast majority of styles and genres, there is proof that practically everybody’s tastes can be satisfied by one DJ! From the Rock ‘n’ Roll explosion, the 60s, 70s and 80s (as an 80s child, is my specialist decade!), right through to the latest releases, I have it all. Even those that are up to a month ahead of general release! Of course, all the classic floorfillers are there as well as those alternative classics. During a set, all music is selected ‘on the fly’ by means of reading the audience, responding to requests and dedications. This ensures a packed dance floor and that everyone gets to hear the music they want. Likewise, I will gladly take your own prefernces on board as well as leaving out any dislikes! As a rule, I like to stay clear of the really cheesy songs such as Grease Megamix, Black Lace and the like unless requested. Same applies too the more recent novelty tracks such as Gangnam Style!

When I’m not performing, other interests include food, real ale (I do love a good pint) as well as being into everything electrical and lighting related in a big way! Call me a geek if you like. Apart from that, there is nothing like a good bike ride once in a while and an even more occasional dip in the pool. The biggest thing of course, is music! I eat, drink, breathe and sleep it which includes lots of radio listening so I can keep an ear out for new releases and rediscover the odd classic which I can then share with the audience at the next gig.

For all types of functions or events, you can be rest assured of a great evening’s entertainment. Even if you have booked a live band, why not have both?
My experience with bands and solo artists has given me the unique ability to ensure both mine and their performances complement each other perfectly. I am sure you will agree this will be so much better than simply putting an iPod playlist on between the group’s sets! And what about after the last set? Who will be around to end your event on a high? You can book me as a complete disco or just as a DJ to play at your club or event using the equipment already provided.

Please feel free to call or email me for a chat anytime! Or add me on Facebook! I look forward to both the opportunity and privilege of performing for you and your guests and making your event an experience to remember.